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Partnering with Suprawin has provided an efficient, flexible, cost-effective solution to meet out IT needs“

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A Leading Bank, India
IT infrastructure and the field of IT is ever growing. There are rapid changes and development in every IT infrastructure. Along with newer implementations and upgrades, there are newer threats and vulnerabilities that can lead to severe business risks. Newer trends such as mobility, roaming users, increasing usage of temporary staff, outsourcing, remote locations, social media and cloud computing are changing the traditional approach to security and compliance.

Today, malware is more intelligent and spreads rapidly without being detected easily. Hackers and attacks are more organized and attacks on organizations or IT resources are more sophisticated. Even if the organization does not have any valuable IT informational asset, attackers would still use the IT infrastructure as a " zombie" to co-ordinate attacks on other IT infrastructure. Such attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to prevent or detect, sometimes even predict.

The need of the hour is expanding the scope of protection and compliance to incorporate intelligent analysis, which not only shall help in identifying underlying threats, but shall also help in informational protection and leakage scenarios − especially data/information loss.

At Suprawin, we believe in a proactive approach towards security. It is common today that vulnerabilities are discovered by exploiters and successfully exploited before they are discovered by the OEM manufacturer. Hence, patching and updating helps only to a limited extent, that is, after the patch is available. However, all organization's using the software / equipment are always subject to a 'vulnerability-window'; the period of which is uncertain. Hence, we believe that there must exist a proactive approach that involves processes, policies, right applications and equipment that befits individual organizations, and also proactive users to help minimize liability in the event of breach of sensitive information.

We partner with almost all security vendors so as to ensure that your organization benefits from the right solution that can provide value for money. Be it user-friendly UTM devices to complex security systems that can incorporate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, we can always assure of finding the right solution for your organization, helping you save cost and resource on seeking information from a wide variety of vendors.

At Suprawin, we believe products and software implementations are only a minor part of security implementations. Management of security products and review helps bring assurance on availability and functionality of security controls.

Suprawin helps organizations reduce risk factors by helping them incorporate ISO security standards that involve a Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. Be it assessing business risks or implementing policies, structuring and defining procedures, defining IT practices and procedures, or reviewing implementations periodically, we have the right talent and experience to help you.