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STL provides complete range of catalog content services, which include data audits, classification, data cleansing, attribute gathering and data enrichment. We can handle any data type as input and can provide any output format. We use right mix of content knowledge, domain expertise and automation in the process in order to provide low cost high quality content.

Clean, accurate product and vendor data provide the foundation for maximizing the ROI of technology investments and for completing meaningful spend. STL assists in creating and maintaining clean item master and vendor master files.

STL specializes in providing data cleansing. It employs a panel of domain experts who work with operational teams in order to arrive at right noun-modifier combination, its attributes and the correctness of attribute values. STL can provide attribute extraction to any industry standards or it can develop its own set of attributes using internal domain knowledge.

STL offers complete range of data cleansing services, which include:
  • Data normalization and rationalization
  • Duplicate part identification and removal
  • Attribute extraction and population
  • Supplier and manufacturer rationalization

STL provides data enrichment services, which may involve sourcing content from various sources. Alongside web research, we do manual sourcing in order to collect all possible critical product information. Completely attributed data along with digital images, contact information, and PDF documents are sourced.

STL can perform data enrichment by employing any or all the below steps.

  • Data enrichment by sourcing manufacturer websites
  • Data enrichment by "manual sourcing" i.e. by contacting suppliers for additional data

By sourcing Manufacturer/Supplier website: STL adopts the followings steps to enrich the data by using this method:

  • List of distinct Manufacturers are compiled from the input data
  • For each Manufacturer, his official / authorized web sources are collected. This task is performed by a separate team that is specialized in locating online resources.
  • Manufacturer website URLs, Images and Data sheets are recorded.
  • From the given input, descriptions are analyzed and appropriate Noun-modifiers are assigned (as per the attribute schema preferred by client).
  • If required, data classification and data cleansing is performed based on the customer's preference.
  • Attribute templates are selected for the individual combinations and applied to the record.
  • Images are sourced, resized if required and cleaned-up
  • Values are populated from the input and websites for these attributes.
  • Quality checks carried out during the production process and before delivery