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Our STL litigation team manages global law firms cumbersome litigation tasks efficiently to obtain more customized, quicker and cheaper litigation assistance. Our services include:-

Document Review
It is a well known fact that Corporation Counsels and litigators spend a lot of time in reviewing the litigation documents. The complex nature of these documents and the growing number of documents for each lawsuit makes in-house document reviews an expensive affair.

Any way to manage these huge piles of documents?
"Yes, STL have document review and management expertise and latest tools and technology to manage and control these large volumes of contents. Our attorneys assess the relevance and responsiveness of document, using knowledge about the facts of the case and the issues of law. In the later stages of document review (sometimes called Privilege Review or Second Level Review), on the basis of attorney-client communication and/or work product we consider whether a document is privileged and may be either withheld from production or redacted for content.

STL offers professional data capture services for the legal industry. STL recognizes that a single document may contain vital piece of information that our clients are looking, and that coupled with our experience in IT services have allowed us to create proprietary tool and process that ensures quality and accuracy. for and have worked to create a culture of accuracy and quality throughout our litigation coding operation. In addition to a comprehensive initial screening and training process, STL's trained dedicated litigation coding professionals undergo specific project-based refresher training to understand the unique aspects of each project.

Our litigation coding services include:
  • Physical / Logical unitization
  • Bibliographic or Objective Services: STL basic coding service provides with bibliographic information − document page number, attachment ranges, authors, recipients′, parties copied, date, document type, document title etc
  • Subjective or in-text coding
  • Full text capture through OCR as well as manual review/editing

STL offers bibliographic coding by use of web-based images as an alternative to on-shore coding. Web based coding eliminates the need for transfer of images

Deposition Summarization
Deposition Summary if the most important tool an attorney has in litigation. It serves as a direct pre-trial evidence for lawyers, specifically litigators, to harness in court.

STL′s experienced deposition summarizers cull the necessary information from the entire text and create taxonomy of:-
  • Important names
  • Important Topics (Describe)
  • Important Terms (Describe)
  • Exhibits

We list all the facts of the testimony presented in complete sentences, with topic headings and page line references.

In addition, we have a trained team of deposition summarizers who work as per the given formats and templates (client defined).